An internet lead is tenuous. It takes buyers seconds to pop off a question and speedy responses can be the difference between a new client and one that got away.
Federal funding is available for eligible for state and local governments and some nonprofits in 12 Fla. areas from Nassau County to Palm Beach County.
Pres. Eric Sain met with leaders of IVD Germany to establish a mutually beneficial relationship for members, setting the stage for increased business opportunities.
However, national sales dropped 2.2% month-to-month after two previous increases. “We must continue to beat the drum for more inventory,” says NAR chief economist.
Analysis: Most premiums keep rising despite reforms to curtail abusive lawsuits by AOB contractors and their attorneys, and the number of lawsuits filed against insurers so far in 2019 is up 16.8% over 2018 and more than double the number filed in 2015.
Sept. statewide single-family home sales rose 11.5% year-to-year, and the median price rose 5.3% to $256K. Condo sales rose 6.1%; median price up 5.8% to $193K.
The housing industry is monitoring older American’s evolving housing needs. In 2012, 27M household heads are 65 or older. In 2017 it was 31M; by 2013 it will be 34%.  
Millennials who want affordable housing are moving to smaller towns – but they prefer mini-versions of those big cities rather than traditional small-town life.
Wix, Weebly or WordPress? In the not-too-distant past, only a coder could create a website, but that’s changed. Here’s how to get started.
Disaster investors save money, wait for a disaster and attempt to buy real estate at bargain prices. In Mexico Beach, some owners have posted “Not for Sale” signs.
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau oversees RESPA enforcement, and it updated the “Closing Disclosure” a few years ago – but is the way the group is structured actually legal? An appeals court said yes, but the U.S. Supreme Court will now consider the issue.
Builders see their market moving in the right direction, with the “unsustainable” level of multifamily starts slowing and the number of single-family starts growing.
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